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U.S. Helped Taiwan Track Chinese Pirates…..Back to the U.S. * TorrentFreak

ubox 9For the past several years, Chinese-manufactured Ubox IPTV boxes have flooded the market in Taiwan.

With more than 30% of the population using the devices, which grant access to more live streaming content than most people can consume, Taiwan came under pressure from the United States.

Taiwan made amendments to copyright law that outlawed piracy-configured devices. Unsurprisingly, that did little to stop the flow or prevent China-based manufacturer Unblock Tech carrying on regardless.

With Hollywood regularly reporting UnblockTech to the U.S. government as a serious piracy threat, the pressure on Taiwan continued. The tipping point came when public figures in Taiwan caused outrage after watching Olympics streams on the Chinese piracy devices.


With further amendments to copyright law in the pipeline in Taiwan, authorities launced an investigation into the supply of Unblock Tech’s devices in the country.

Several Operations Over Several Months

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the…

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