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U.S. “Know Your Customer” Proposal Will Put an End to Anonymous Cloud Users * TorrentFreak

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Late January, the U.S. Department of Commerce published a notice of proposed rulemaking for establishing new requirements for Infrastructure as a Service providers (IaaS) . The proposal boils down to a ‘Know Your Customer’ regime for companies operating cloud services, with the goal of countering the activities of “foreign malicious actors.” Yet, despite an overseas focus, Americans won’t be able to avoid the proposal’s requirements, which covers CDNs, virtual private servers, proxies, and domain name resolution services, among others.

identity-sIt’s long been the case that access to certain services, whether on or offline, will only be granted when customers prove their identity.

Often linked to financial products but in many cases basic money/goods transactions carried out online, handing over a name, address, date of birth and similar details, can increase confidence that a deal will more likely than not go according to plan. In some…

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