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UFC, NBA & NFL Want to Fight Live Streaming Piracy With ‘Instant’ DMCA Takedowns * TorrentFreak

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The UFC, NBA, and NFL would like help from the U.S. Government to tackle live streaming piracy. The sports organizations want to update the DMCA to ensure that live content is removed “instantaneously or near-instantaneously”. The current takedown regulation simply fails to address the unique time-sensitivity of live broadcasts, they say.

UFC fight nightThe UFC, NBA and NFL are without a doubt among the most recognizable sports brands in the world.

Their events attract millions of viewers and are monetized through multi-billion dollar licensing deals and expensive PPV events.

Many sports fans are willing to pay to access these broadcasts but for some the costs involved are simply too steep. This has created a black market for pirated live streams which attract millions of users.

Slow and Ineffective DMCA Takedowns

Sports leagues and promotors are not happy with these unauthorized streams and are finding it difficult to get a grip on the problem. DMCA…

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