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UK Court Hands Down Suspended Jail Sentence to eBay Seller of Pirate IPTV Boxes * TorrentFreak

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A 57-year-old man who sold hundreds of pirate IPTV boxes through eBay in the UK has received a two-year suspended prison sentence. The prosecution, brought by Westminster City Council’s Trading Standards team with help from FACT, revealed that the Westminster resident generated more than £82,000 in proceeds over the years.

ebay logoOnline piracy exists in many shapes and forms. Torrent sites were dominant a decade ago, but these have long been eclipsed by streaming portals.

In addition to pirate streaming sites that can be accessed through web browsers, dedicated streaming boxes have grown in popularity as well. These boxes can be easily connected to TVs for a relatively seamless experience, as long as they work.

eBay IPTV Box Seller

In recent years various rightsholders have clamped down on these pirate boxes and IPTV services. In the UK, this has resulted in legal action on several occasions. One of these cases, spearheaded by…

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