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UK ISPs Blocked 7,000+ Piracy Domains in the First Six Months of 2024 * TorrentFreak

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During the first six months of 2024, the UK’s leading internet service providers were required to block at least 7,000 domains and subdomains to prevent subscribers accessing pirate sites. The majority of blocking activity was aimed at disrupting pirate IPTV services offering live sports and other live broadcasts. In common with previous years, the music, movie, and publishing industries continued with their blocking programs.

stone blockNext month will mark the 13th anniversary of the first site blocking injunction in the UK.

Action by the major Hollywood studios against Usenet indexing site Newzbin led to ISP BT being ordered to block the service.

That was just the beginning and in most cases today, major UK ISPs including BT, Virgin Media, and Sky, are supportive of site blocking requests and happily carry them out, despite increasing complexity.

UK Site Blocking

In broad terms, blocking injunctions allow rightsholders to block domains,…

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