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UNC3T and INTERPOL Awarded for Taking Down Piracy Group EVO * TorrentFreak

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The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment has awarded INTERPOL’s digital piracy unit and Portuguese cybercrime police unit UNC3T for their role in the dismantling of piracy release group EVO last year. The notorious group was one of Hollywood’s prime targets and often the first to release high-quality movie screeners. The group’s leader was arrested in Portugal and will be prosecuted.

interpoliciainterpoliciaPiracy release group EVO was long considered one of Hollywood’s main targets, publishing thousands of movie and TV show titles including several high-profile releases.

The piracy group repeatedly opened “screener season” by releasing leaked copies of upcoming films. These included Oscar contenders, but also several Netflix titles that originated from festival screenings.

EVO was also the first to release an early Blu-ray copy of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ last year, and a high-quality copy of the blockbuster “Dune” in 2021, ahead…

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