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Unknown server error. Try again in a few seconds

Downloader App Error: Unknown Server Error

If you come across the Downloader App Error: Unknown server error. Try again in a few seconds this usually means one of two things.

The first problem could be that the Downloader app server is having problems and you can simply try back a bit later and it will be working properly.

The second possibility is that there’s something wrong with your network.

Either way, this article will provide help for both scenarios.

The Downloader App has become one of the most popular applications on Amazon Fire TV devices and Android TV systems.  It allows for side-loading applications that can’t be found in popular app stores such as Amazon App Store or Google Play.

If you’ve used Downloader for any length of time, more than likely you’ve encountered the following message.

Error: Unknown server error. Try again in a few seconds

Error: Unknown Server Error in Downloader App

When TROYPOINT fans complain about Unknown Server Error in Downloader, they are usually trying to access the free TROYPOINT Toolbox with the code 250931.  The Toolbox provides downloads for popular applications that aren’t available in the Amazon App Store or Google Play such as Unlinked and FileSynced.

Today is one of those days we’re getting the Downloader Server Error when attempting to open the TROYPOINT Toolbox.

I first type in the code 250931 and then click the Go button.

Downloader Unknown Server Error

I then see Error: Unknown server error. Try again in a few seconds.

Error: Unknown server error. Try again in a few seconds

The problem is that the Downloader server is not properly transforming codes into their final destination URLs.

But, I can still go directly to the TROYPOINT Toolbox by typing instead of 250931. instead of Downloader code

Now, the TROYPOINT Toolbox loads and I can install my favorite secret applications.

Most use either Unlinked or FileSynced to install additional applications and both of those are available in the TROYPOINT Toolbox.

TROYPOINT Toolbox loads after Downloader App Unknown Error


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If you can’t get to the TROYPOINT Toolbox by typing in more than likely there’s a problem with your network.

This can be fixed by doing one of the following or both.

Restart Firestick / Android TV Device to Fix Downloader Unknown Server Error

The first thing you should do is try restarting your Firestick or Android TV device.

Once it reboots, go into Settings / Network and ensure that you are connected properly to your WiFi or wired network.

Reboot Router to Fix Downloader Unknown Server Error

If restarting your Firestick or Android TV system doesn’t work, you should try rebooting your router.

Simply unplug your router from power for approximately 1 minute, plug it back in and then test Downloader to ensure the Unknown Server Error is not longer displaying.

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