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USDOJ, PIPCU, ACE, MPA, IFPI, ESA, EPL & More Target Pirate Sites * TorrentFreak

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The results of the sixth wave of ongoing anti-piracy campaign Operation 404, an international effort featuring USDOJ, PIPCU, ACE, MPA, IFPI, ESA, EPL, and many more, have been revealed. A total of 24 search warrants were executed across Brazil, Argentina, and the United States, 606 sites and apps, including 40 in the UK, were seized, suspended or blocked, with news of arrests still coming in.

operacion404-6operacion404-6Over the past four years, anti-piracy campaign Operation 404 has become a permanent fixture in the enforcement calendar with the results of new phases announced every few months.

The results of the fifth wave of Operation 404 were released in March 2023; around 200 illegal streaming and gaming sites, 128 domains and 63 music apps were reported blocked, with raids on locations across Brazil leading to 11 arrests.

While Brazil has been the focus of Operation 404 from the very beginning, the campaign has received considerable support from international rightsholders,…

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