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Vietnam Forms Specialist Unit to Tackle Pirate Sites Linked to “Organized Crime” * TorrentFreak

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Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications says it will partner with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Ministry of Public Security, to establish a specialized unit to crack down on pirate sites. Authorities using the terms “organized crime” and “copyright infringement” in the same sentence is uncommon in Vietnam, a country that plays host to many of the world’s most popular pirate sites.

piracy encryptAccurately predicting how, when and where the next wave of pirate sites will emerge to become the next big threat is much easier said than done.

At any point, one of several moving parts could rule a country out for a few years, or propel it straight into pole position. From rapid development of internet infrastructure to a new generation blessed with the right skills, joining the workplace at just the right time, anything is possible in the shifting sands of piracy.

The MPA accurately predicted the chances of Vietnam becoming an online piracy…

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