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Vietnam’s Pirate Site Blocklist Quietly Adds Torrent Sites * TorrentFreak

vietnam wall flagvietnam wall flagIn recent years, Hollywood has played close attention to major pirate sites and services with connections to Vietnam.

Representing rightsholders, MPA and ACE visited Vietnam last year to discuss piracy-related challenges with local authorities.

The focus on Vietnam resulted in some progress. Anti-piracy coalition ACE previously shut down popular video piracy library 2Embed following negotiations with its Hanoi-based operator. Anime piracy giant fell too, although that one continues under new branding, supposedly with a fresh team of operators.

It’s clear, however, that Vietnam has Hollywood’s full attention. The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) is aware of the challenges too, as made clear in the most recent Special 301 Report.

“In particular, online piracy, including the use of illicit streaming devices and associated piracy applications to access unauthorized audiovisual content, remains a significant concern,” USTR wrote.

Vietnam’s Blocking Efforts


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