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The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, in close cooperation with broadcaster and ACE member, DAZN, say they have shut down pirate streaming platform, According to ACE, the ring of related wrestling sites generated over a quarter billion visits over the past year, but after their owner was tracked down in India, he was forced to tap out.

watchwrestling-swatchwrestling-sAnother day, another report from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment announcing the demise of yet another large piracy site, spanning several domains.

On this occasion the main target was, a site that until recently specialized in wrestling events by leading promotions including WWE, AEW, Impact, ROH and NJPW. These shows are extremely popular and traffic figures cited by ACE back that up, and then some.

“Over the past year, and its associated domains have reached more than 253 million visits. Most of the traffic…

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