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Why Nintendo Uses the DMCA to Take Down Piracy-Enabling SigPatches * TorrentFreak

sigpatchNintendo has been tackling videogame piracy for a very long time but a lot of water has gone under the bridge since the simplicity of the SNES-based Super Wild Card.

These days Nintendo has multiple attack vectors to cover, from bringing down commercial groups such as Team-Xecutor to blocking sites that distribute pirated Switch ROMs.

As a result, the Japanese gaming giant often finds itself taking action under the DMCA but as a case from late last week shows, that isn’t necessarily straightforward. It involves so-called ‘sigpatches’, software tools that play an enabling role in defeating access controls.

Custom Firmware & Sigpatches – How We Got There

Firmware is a type of software that resides in non-volatile memory, with a PC’s BIOS chip being an obvious example. Without reliable firmware, sophisticated computers, smartphones and consoles are unable to carry out their most basic functions, including the ability to boot up.

From a regular customer’s perspective,…

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