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World’s Largest Pirate Site Suddenly “Acquired” & Rebranded * TorrentFreak

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With over 205 million visits per month, is almost certainly the world’s largest pirate site. During the next 24 hours alone, over six million people are expected to view the streaming platform but, for those that do, a surprise awaits. During the past few hours, began redirecting to a new domain with the site now sporting all-new branding. A staff member reports that the site has been “acquired” by a new team and everybody needs to calm down.

zoro-to-s1Here’s a curious conundrum: given its extraordinary traffic and likely position as the world’s largest pirate site, why does feature so rarely in rightsholders’ public complaints over piracy?

One explanation could be the site’s age; at just over two years old, it’s possible that established sites are considered more of a priority.

Another factor could be that focuses on Japanese anime rather than mainstream Hollywood movies. But with over 205 million visits per month, all…

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