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WOW Asks Court to Throw Out Filmmakers’ Expanded Piracy Liability Lawsuit * TorrentFreak

pirate-flagIn 2021, Colorado-based Internet provider WOW was sued by a group of movie companies, including Millennium Media and Voltage Pictures.

The filmmakers accused the ISP of failing to terminate the accounts of subscribers who were repeatedly flagged for sharing copyrighted material.

These type of lawsuits have resulted in multi-million dollar judgments against Cox and Grande; a fate WOW hopes to avoid. The ISP challenged the claims and filed a motion to dismiss the case early on, arguing that the allegations fall short.

WOW vs. ‘Trolls’

The ISP described the film companies and their anti-piracy partner MaverickEye as “copyright trolls”. WOW mentioned that the companies previously tried to get quick settlements from John Doe subscribers based on little more than an IP-address. This lawsuit isn’t progressing quickly by any means, however.

Last year, a federal court in Colorado denied the ISP’s motion to dismiss the piracy liability allegations. At this stage, the…

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