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X Clearly Profits from Widespread Music Piracy, Labels Argue * TorrentFreak

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A group of major music publishers insist that Elon Musk’s X is liable for the widespread music piracy that takes place on its platform. X asked the court to dismiss their lawsuit, but the music companies say the social media platform is clearly in the wrong. With roughly $250 million in damages on the line, this legal battle should run its course, they argue.

x twitterEarlier this year, Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI and others filed a complaint at a Nashville federal court, accusing Elon Musk’s X Corp of “breeding” mass copyright infringement.

The company behind X allegedly fails to properly respond to takedown notices and lacks a proper termination policy for repeat infringers.

As a result, X is reportedly rife with music piracy. This activity generates many millions of views which are monetized by the social media platform, while rightsholders receive no compensation for the use of their works.

Motion to Dismiss

X doesn’t agree with these…

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