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‘X’ Denies Music Companies’ Remaining Piracy Liability Claims in Court * TorrentFreak

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Elon Musk’s social media platform X has denied all copyright infringement claims in response to a ‘piracy’ complaint filed last year by a group of record labels. The Nashville federal court already dismissed several key allegations and X hopes to defeat the remaining contributory infringement claims as well. Among its defenses, X notes that the music companies demand “unconstitutionally excessive and disproportionate” damages.

x twitterIn a complaint filed at a Nashville federal court last spring, Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI and others, accused X Corp of “breeding” mass copyright infringement.

The social media company allegedly failed to respond adequately to takedown notices and lacks a proper termination policy.

“Twitter routinely ignores known repeat infringers and known infringements, refusing to take simple steps that are available to Twitter to stop these specific instances of infringement of which it is aware,” the…

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