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YggTorrent Loses Control of Domain Name Without Warning * TorrentFreak

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YggTorrent, the largest French torrent community, has lost control of its main ‘.do’ domain name. The domain was presumably put on hold by the registry or registrar after some type of complaint. One of the site’s operators condemns the action but business continues as usual through one of YggTorrent’s many backup domains.

yggMost large torrent sites target a global audience, but there are many local favorites as well.

YggTorrent, for example, is one of the largest French-language torrent sites on the Internet, serving millions of users per month.

The French site is not the typical torrent indexer. YggTorrent sees itself as a community instead, one with a dedicated tracker, something that’s quite rare these days. The site was founded in 2017, to fill the gap left behind when T411 closed shop.

Like any other site of its stature, YggTorrent faces constant pressure from anti-piracy forces. The site is blocked by French Internet providers following a court…

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