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Yout Counters RIAA in Court, Quoting Lyrics & Highlighting YouTube’s Absence * TorrentFreak

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Popular stream-ripping site has responded to the RIAA’s answering brief at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The site points out YouTube’s notable absence, despite being at the center of the dispute. Yout’s attorneys further try to make a point by partially quoting Carly Simon lyrics: “You’re so vain, I Bet You Think this Software’s About You,” they write.

yout logoAt the end of 2020, the operator of one of the largest YouTube rippers took the unprecedented step of taking the music industry to court.’s Johnathan Nader was fed up with a bombardment of DMCA takedown requests and alleged defamatory claims. In response, he sued the RIAA, asking the federal court in Connecticut to declare his service non-infringing.

The RIAA and other music groups had been actively trying to remove so-called YouTube rippers from Google’s search results. The industry group had also prevailed in legal action against…

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