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YouTube’s latest transparency report shows that the number of Content ID system claims has reached a new high. During the second half of last year, the advanced copyright tool flagged over 826 million issues, nearly all automated. Through monetization options, these Content ID claims generate roughly $1.5 billion in additional annual payouts to rightsholders.

sad tubeTo protect copyright holders, YouTube regularly removes, disables, or demonetizes videos that allegedly contain infringing content.

While anyone can send a DMCA notice to the platform, most copyright actions come from the Content ID system that can only be used by a select group of copyright holders.

For many years the number of claims rightsholders made on YouTube was unknown. That changed two years ago when the video platform launched its first-ever transparency report. Since then, the number of claims has steadily continued to rise.

826 Million

YouTube’s latest transparency report reveals…

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