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Youtube-dl Site Goes Offline as Hosting Provider Enforces Court-Ordered Ban * TorrentFreak

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Hosting provider Uberspace has taken down the website of YouTube-ripping software, youtube-dl. The removal is the result of a German court order in a copyright infringement lawsuit, filed by Sony, Warner and Universal. While Uberspace didn’t host the open source software, it was held responsible for the website linking to the software hosted on developer platform GitHub.

censortubeIn 2020, the RIAA infuriated many players in the open source community by targeting YouTube-ripping tool, youtube-dl.

The RIAA sent a takedown notice to GitHub, claiming that the software bypassed technological protection measures, in violation of the DMCA.

GitHub initially complied but later changed course. After consulting legal experts, including those at the EFF, it restored the youtube-dl repository and launched a million-dollar defense fund to assist developers in similar disputes.

Targeting youtube-dl’s Host

This episode was a massive setback for the music…

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