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YouTube, Facebook, & TikTok Won’t Discuss Bad Takedowns? Get Over It, They’re Busy * TorrentFreak

stupidtv-lstupidtv-lBack in August we reported how Google had received requests to remove one billion allegedly-infringing links from its search results. A billion is a big number, especially when it refers to takedown demands received over a period of just nine months.

A few days before we published that report, Google had just processed its seven billionth removal request, having reached six billion less than a year earlier. At the time of writing, just four months after reaching seven billion, Google has already processed another 572,000,000 takedown demands.

And that’s only Google search. Content ID claims alone reached 1.5 billion on YouTube in 2021 and that doesn’t account for all the removals carried out by Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X/Twitter, Snapchat and any other platform that springs to mind.

The Situation is Bad and Getting Worse By the Day

Under the Digital Services Act, large online platforms are required to keep the European Commission updated via so-called ‘statements of…

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