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YouTube Processed a Billion Content ID Copyright Claims in Six Months * TorrentFreak

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YouTube’s latest Transparency Report shows that fewer copyright holders used the Content ID system to protect their works. Despite the modest decline, the claim volume continues to grow. For the first time, the number of processed claims exceeded one billion in the six-month reporting period.

content-idYouTube is the most watched streaming platform in the world. The endless library of videos, uploaded by both amateurs and professionals, is simply unrivaled.

The site’s popularity translates into hard dollars, with YouTube and its creators generating billions in yearly revenue. However, there are downsides too, as some content is shared without permission.

To protect copyright holders, YouTube uses an advanced content recognition system called Content ID that flags potentially infringing videos. Videos can then be taken down, or monetized, depending on the preference of the claiming party.

Fewer Content ID Partners

The Content ID system works reasonably…

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