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YouTube Processes 4 Million Content ID Claims Per Day, Transparency Report Reveals * TorrentFreak

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YouTube has released its first-ever copyright transparency report. The streaming platform reveals that the vast majority of all claimed infringements, more than 722 million over the past six months, are reported through the Content ID system. The report also sheds some light on abuse but also leaves questions unanswered.

youtube transparencyEarlier this year we reported that Google had processed the five billionth DMCA takedown request for its search engine, a massive number.

Google search has reported these numbers for nearly a decade. However, the volume of copyright claims sent to its sister site YouTube has remained a mystery. Until now.

Yesterday, YouTube released its first-ever copyright transparency report which provides an in-depth overview of how many ‘infringements’ are reported on the platform. The first release covers the first half of 2021 and shows that the volume of reported infringements well exceeds that of the search engine.

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