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YouTube Ripper Sends Cease and Desist to Google, Hoping to Stop DMCA Abuse * TorrentFreak

Home > Anti-Piracy > DMCA > has sent a cease and desist notice to Google, urging it to prevent DMCA takedown abuse. The YouTube ripper believes its competitors are sending false and fraudulent takedown claims. To curb this abuse, it’s suggested that Google should begin verifying takedown senders. In addition, requests a litigation hold in anticipation of future legal action.

ytmp3The DMCA takedown process allows copyright holders to report infringing content and have it removed or taken down.

It is a powerful tool that takes millions of URLs and links offline every day. In most cases, this happens for a good reason, but some takedown efforts are questionable.

DMCA Takedown Abuse

In recent years there have been numerous examples of clear abuse and impersonations, as revealed through Google’s transparency report. Abuse of the DMCA is prohibited by law and can result in legal action; Bungie’s $7.7 million lawsuit against an alleged fraudster is one…

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