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YouTube Rippers Appeal $83 Million Piracy Verdict * TorrentFreak

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The operator of YouTube rippers and has announced that he will appeal the piracy verdict, where the RIAA won $83 million in damages. According to his attorneys, the legal process has gone off the rails, as the music companies didn’t have to prove a single instance of copyright infringement.

youtube sad errorLast October, the RIAA secured a major victory in its piracy lawsuit against YouTube-rippers and and their Russian operator Tofig Kurbanov.

A Virginia federal court issued a default judgment in favor of the RIAA, which represented several prominent music companies.

Following this win, the RIAA demanded $83 million in damages for the widespread copyright infringement that allegedly took place through the sites. This request was met with heavy opposition from Mr. Kurbanov but a few weeks ago it was granted nonetheless.

The RIAA, which described the legal battle as a landmark case, was happy with the outcome. As…

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