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YouTube Rippers Ask Google to Remove ‘Copycats’ From Search Results * TorrentFreak

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The operator of MP3Juices and YTMP3, two of the best-known YouTube downloaders, is taking action to protect these valuable brands. The sites have many copycats and competitors that use the brands’ keywords to attract search traffic. The operator wants this to stop and has asked Google to remove the ‘infringing’ sites from its search results.

mp3juicesEvery day millions of people use YouTube rippers, tools that are often used to download music for free.

The music industry is not happy with these services. Stream-ripping is viewed as the largest piracy problem, one that’s more serious than those posed by torrent sites and direct download portals.

In response to this threat, the RIAA and its members have taken legal steps to shut down sites or have them blocked by Internet providers. On top of that, rightsholders have also sent hundreds of thousands of takedown requests to Google, asking the company to purge stream-rippers from its search results….

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