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YouTube Rippers Run Out of Money, Give Up On $83m RIAA Legal Battle * TorrentFreak

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The Russian operator of YouTube rippers and voluntarily dismissed his appeal against the RIAA this week. According to his attorney, the operator ran out of money so is unable to fund a legal battle in a foreign court. As a result, the $83 million DMCA circumvention verdict stands.

sad tubeTwo years ago, the RIAA secured a major victory in its piracy lawsuit against YouTube-rippers and and their Russian operator Tofig Kurbanov.

A Virginia federal court issued a default judgment in favor of several prominent music companies after the defendant walked away from the lawsuit.

According to the order, there is a clear need to deter the behavior of Kurbanov who failed to hand over evidence including server logs. “A less drastic sanction is unlikely to salvage this case,” the judge wrote.

$82 million Damages Award?

Following this win, the RIAA asked for an injunction to stop the sites’ worldwide…

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