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YouTube Urges Court to Dismiss Chaotic Class Action Copyright Lawsuit * TorrentFreak

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In the summer of 2020, musician Maria Schneider filed a class action lawsuit against YouTube demanding access to takedown tools and claiming that the service fails to terminate repeat copyright infringers. Almost 18 months later, YouTube wants the lawsuit dismissed, alleging that the plaintiffs are “hiding the ball” and “flouting the law”.

Sad YouTubeSince June 2020, we have been reporting on a class action lawsuit filed by Grammy award-winning musician Maria Schneider against YouTube.

Schneider’s grievances are many. They include allegations that YouTube restricts access to its takedown tools, profits from piracy, and fails to disconnect repeat infringers due to them receiving ‘protection’ under YouTube’s Content ID system.

Given the nature of the complaint and especially since it targets one of the most powerful entities on the Internet, this was never going to be straightforward. As it transpires, progress has been nothing short of…

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