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YouTube’s Innovative Content ID is No Substitute For Humankind’s Greatest Gift * TorrentFreak

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YouTube has made massive strides towards solving millions of copyright claims that plague its platform. The automated Content ID system is by no means perfect but does provide a way for rightsholders and alleged infringers to amicably settle their differences. What it doesn’t have is the human ability to spot opportunities for cooperation and innovation. Sadly, humans can struggle with that too.

agreementCopyright infringement disputes come in many shapes and sizes. They can be entirely justified, cynically malicious but, in most cases, utterly frustrating for at least one of the parties.

What is rare, however, is for a copyright infringement dispute to have an air of sadness, especially when that affects both sides, albeit in different ways. I’m referring to the hugely controversial battle between Toei Animation and popular YouTuber Totally Not Mark we reported early December.

A short summary: Manga/anime fanatic Mark Fitzpatrick makes high-quality…

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