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YTS Breaks Unique Settlement Agreement by Uploading Pirated Films * TorrentFreak

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With millions of users, YTS is arguably the most visited torrent site. The site owes its popularity to the constant stream of pirate movies it makes available. For several years, this excluded titles from Millennium Media, Voltage Pictures, and other independent film companies, due to a settlement agreement with the site’s operator. However, somewhere along the line, YTS decided to disobey this agreement. logoTraditionally, when copyright holders go after pirate sites, their main mission is to shut them down permanently.

This strategy has resulted in the demise of thousands of websites over the past two decades.

In some cases these shutdowns are easy, only requiring a cease and desist order to be delivered to the owner’s home address. In others, disputes can escalate into prolonged legal battles where judges or juries have the final say.

YTS Lawsuits and Settlements

As one of the most iconic piracy brands, has also been targeted in court. In 2019,…

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